Project Portfolio
Eyeport Sdn Bhd is an innovative, dynamic and rapidly expanding company that takes pride in introducing its flagship brand, Trendy County, the most exciting retail concept in the market. Trendy County redefines the retail industry, giving shoppers a rich, personalized experience via data analytics.
Trendy County provides consumers with a novel, refreshing shopping experience through its innovative platform. It is a personalized brand that is customer centric, providing Malaysia with a new technology powered shopping experience via our channels, automated store, e-store and mobile app store.
Stores can be placed anywhere and customized to suit the location, especially in fast paced urban centres. Trendy County automated stores are 24/7 retail, 365 days per year and offer solutions to deliver choice, convenience and simplicity through an interactive & engaging user experience.
Trendy County, through its brand promises to redefine retail, focusing on the growing middle and upper middle-class consumers in key cities, namely, the Klang Valley, Penang, Perak, Malacca and Johor. Trendy County is primarily targeting men up to the age of 40. The concept is a brain child idea that introduces the concept of electronic shopping. Its aims to bring the following value to consumers:
  • Rich shopping experience through artificial intelligence
  • Convenience
  • Personalisation

Hungry Bear by Trendy County
Hungry Bear is a new self-service Food and Beverage automated store, serving various brands of snacks and drinks that are both commonly and uncommonly sold with a cheaper price. Hungry Bear not only provides convenience to the public, but also to save time, order with lesser effort, and avoid queues at the counter. Customers only need to “Touch, Pay, then Eat”.