Project Portfolio
Trendy County by Eyeport Sdn Bhd
Eyeport Sdn Bhd is an innovative, dynamic and rapidly expanding company that takes pride in introducing its flagship brand, Trendy County, the most exciting retail concept in the market. Trendy County redefines the retail industry, giving shoppers a rich, personalized experience via data analytics.
Trendy County provides consumers with a novel, refreshing shopping experience through its innovative platform. It is a personalized brand that is customer centric, providing Malaysia with a new technology powered shopping experience via our channels, automated store, e-store and mobile app store.
Stores can be placed anywhere and customized to suit the location, especially in fast paced urban centres. Trendy County automated stores are 24/7 retail, 365 days per year and offer solutions to deliver choice, convenience and simplicity through an interactive & engaging user experience.
Trendy County, through its brand promise to redefine retail, is targeted towards the growing middle and upper middle-class consumers in key cities, namely, the Klang Valley, Penang, Perak, Malacca and Johor. Trendy County is primarily targeting men up to the age of 40. The concept is a brain child idea that introduces the concept of electronic shopping. Its aims to bring the following value to consumers:
  • Rich shopping experience through artificial intelligence
  • Convenience
  • Personalisation

Global Trend of Smart Vending Machines
According to Frost & Sullivan, the automatic merchandising machine has become a symbol of the world’s quest for convenience, operating 24 hours around the clock, 7 days a week. Unattended retailing has become more popular due to its convenience and low cost.
There has been an increasing number of smart vending machines globally that includes a touch screen interface, increased security for transaction, mobile payments option, speech processing, anti-theft or anti-vandal cameras, multiple modes to transact, cashless system and remote management. Moving away from traditional vending machines selling low-end products such as snacks and drinks, many intelligent vending machines have been implemented and have begun selling higher-end products such as electronic goods and sunglasses.
They are found in many locations in other countries especially at tourist attractions, train stations and airports. These smart vending machines thrive mainly due to the higher security and convenience they offer. As these smart vending machines have not yet entered the Malaysian market, this would be a great opportunity for us to pioneer the Malaysian market using this approach.