About Us
Our Story
Actcelerate International Group is a Diversified Investment Company whose focus is on the Asia-Pacific market. Our investments focus on four major sectors. These are, Information and Communications Technology, New Age Retail, Financial Services, and Green Technology. The objective of the company is to capture the above-mentioned sectors, that have a high potential for growth, in the Asia-Pacific market. This is as the Asia-Pacific is a single market and production base, and is a competitive economic region within the global economy.
We invest in companies and businesses which meet the above-mentioned criteria. We then provide these companies with the opportunity to expand their market coverage. We focus on SMEs and start-up companies in the Asia Pacific that have the potential for continuous growth. We can strengthen our purchasing power by leveraging and co-investment collaborations.
Our target companies will be working closely with us in all aspects of business. This gives them an in-depth, better understanding of the nature of the business. It allows us to develop focused strategies to accelerate the growth potential of the business.
To be a leading investment company in Asia Pacific that is committed in nurturing emerging companies for future expansion.

To establish sustainable investments by propelling highly innovative technology focused emerging companies to the international scene by consolidating financial knowledge. We places high emphasis on integrity and transparency in execution and maximising shareholders’ wealth.
Risk / Reward Profile
As with almost any industry, business risks will always be a factor. Increased competition, changes in the economic environment, political issues and other unforeseen circumstances may become a hurdle to the industry’s sustainability.
However, there comes reward with risk. With our experienced and most trusted advisors, we can mitigate, improve and add valuable resources that create unimaginable value to the company, in turn bringing rewards to our stakeholders and shareholders.